Settlement FAQs

At the time of settlement, you will need to have the money needed for closing in the form of a certified check. You can also wire the funds if that makes it easier. Please also be sure to bring 2 forms of ID. (It never hurts to bring a third for backup)

Settlement is usually held at the Buyer’s Attorney/Title Office but may be held at any place of buyer’s choosing.

The actual settlement is usually anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour. Depending on the scenario and the type of closing an hour is generally what I tell people for a purchase or refinance.

For a purchase the buyers, Sellers, and realtors usually attend the closing. In addition, a representative from either the title company, attorney, or representative from the attorney’s office will conduct the closing. Attorney’s are not required for all purchase transactions in the states we are licensed so this may vary depending on location.  Due to COVID-19, many settlements have changed to essential parties only.

Yes, of course. Email support@gardenstateloans.com. We will get in touch with your servicer and try to resolve the issue with you.

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